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Sport po wegetariańsku - Odżywianie wegańskiego boksera.

werty - 2016-05-25, 11:06
Temat postu: Odżywianie wegańskiego boksera.
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...Wegetarianin Bryant Jennigns(walczy jutro z Kliczk±):...

Timothy_Bradley weganin od dłuższego czasu-bardzo utytułowany zawodnik, aktualny mistrz ¶wiata wagi pół¶redniej

również mistrz ¶wiata David Haye zdecydował się rok temu

bokser veganin Razor Ruddock
itp.itd.- to tylko kilka przykładów

To taki Haye musi nieĽle szamać aby wagę i siłę ciosu na wegańskiej trzymać, masz myszko jaki¶ namiar na jego posiłki może jaka¶ inna prikładowa dieta boksera weganina bo mi tu marudz± i smęc± pod nosem jacy¶ ciemni absztyfikanci :kiss2:
krzysztof - 2016-05-29, 14:41


Odżywianie musi być ułożone indywidualnie dla każdego zawodnika a to zależy od wielu czynników i zmiennych.
możesz zerkn±ć na :
How David Haye recovered from injury by overhauling his training regime in order to make his comeback against Mark de Mori, 14 January 2016
Sirtfood Green Juice (first thing upon rising)
Meal 1
Pea protein and buckwheat flour pancakes with sliced strawberries, walnuts and coconut yoghurt.
+ 20 grams dark chocolate
+ coffee
Training Session 1
Sirtfood Green Juice + Sirtfood Bites
Meal 2
Herb marinated tofu served with carrot spaghetti and (red onion and caper) arrabbiata sauce, rocket, and peas
Meal 3: Nutribullet Functional Smoothie: (Oats, Vegan Protein, Coconut Fruit, frozen mixed berries and Medjool date, Mixed seeds, Chaga Mushroom, Spirulina, Oat milk)
Training Session 2
Meal 4
White bean quinoa salad with fennel, chicory, celery, red onion, dried chili, parsley and olives, and hummus side
Meal 5
Lentil and kale dahl served with 'turmeric' buckwheat
We do a lot of blood tests and measurements. We measure his nutrient levels, his muscle recovery markers, immune function, inflammation levels and muscle breakdown levels.

'We would be testing David every week or every couple of weeks at the beginning and then refining and retuning.
'In the past, he would have been eating the food; the protein, the carbohydrates, ticking those boxes. We went much more in-depth and looked at it from a cellular level.'
As a result of surgery and subsequent lay-off, Haye's initial test results laid bare the challenge at hand.
'When David was first doing his training, his immune system was stressed and depleted and his muscle breakdown was through the roof,' says Goggins.
'David is a huge hitter and the force he hits with tears his muscles so his breakdown levels were up to 100 times higher than the normal person.
'His recovery would be impaired because the muscles were breaking down instead of building back up.
'What we did is adapt his nutrition to suit that.
'He follows a vegan-style diet which some people would argue is downfall for a heavyweight boxer but the sirtfoods have properties to enhance muscle function and improve muscle adaption so by incorporating those he saw a greater response from his training and a better recovery which allowed him to gain muscle mass.'
Haye would eat five meals a day, each prepared by a personal chef service, around his training sessions and drink two juices packed with sirtfoods including kale, rocket and parsley.
Much to his chagrin, Haye, a renowned heavy sleeper, was woken by an alarm around the clock in order to eat and is expected to enter the ring up to a stone heavier than when he fought Dereck Chisora in the summer of 2012.
'David was always a light heavyweight; he was fast so he wanted to keep his speed but be heavier so he can punch harder,' explains Goggins.
'I've never met an athlete who is more open to driving the nutrition the right way. He wants everything to be perfect, whether we're talking about markers of muscle recovery or even his cholesterol levels.
'Even though David's older, I strongly believe he's in a much better position and not just in the short-term, he's in a position to take it on for the next few years.
'He hasn't rushed; he's made sure it's 100 per cent right and I really think he's going to reap the rewards.'


werty - 2016-06-12, 13:50

'turmeric' buckwheat

a cioto to jezd :roll: :confused:
bo nie znaju tego

orzechova - 2016-06-13, 10:21

kasza gryczana z kurkum±? Turmeric to kurkuma, a buckwheat - kasza gryczana

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